Q: Am I too old or too young to attend a class?

A: Anyone over the age of 18 is welcome, and will fit perfectly into our classes. Persons under the age of 18 are at the discretion of the individual instructor.

Pure Gravity Fitness obtains the right to deny any person access to the facility for any reason.

Q: What do I wear to a class?

A:  POLE- short athletic shorts, and a tank top/sports bra (nothing with bottons, buckles, or grommets ect.)

You may go barefoot or where high heels if you please. Only wear what you are comfortable in!

BARRE- athletic top or sweater, and form fitting pants or leggings with bare feet or a dance slipper

YOGA- any comfortable, flexible sports attire is permitted with bare feet or yoga socks



Q: Do I have to reserve a spot for the class?

A: Let us know or sign up online to reserve your spot! We like everyone to have space on a pole or on the floor, so make sure we know when you are coming.

Q: Will my skin care products effect the pole?

A: Skin care products always effect the pole. We have a strict policy of no lotion or deodorant used on the skin up to 6 hours before pole class. Any oils on the skin will cause the pole to be slick this will put the pole student and future student at risk of serious injury.  Please note that at any time an instructor has the authority to ask a student if he or she is wearing products that may put the immediate student or future student at risk. And, the instructor has the authority to deny anyone use of the pole in this regard.