Intro to Pole

Designed for those who have never poled before! Everyone in this class is trying pole for the first time, and there is absolutely no fitness experience or skill required. It is a great opportunity to try pole and is only $10 for your first class! New students must take at least one Intro class before signing up for other pole classes. 

Beginner Pole 1

This is a class that will start you off with the basic skills and foundations of pole. We focus on beginner level spins, climbs and dance moves on a static pole.

Beginner Pole 2

In Pole 2 we start moving up the pole for more aerial moves and additional strength building. We will incorporate spin pole in this level and work on inverted tricks. 

Intermediate Pole Tricks

For our more experienced polers, this class is focus on building a wider vocabulary of tricks. Pole tricks is for students who have been proficient in early levels and are comfortable with inversions and trying ew things! 

Pole Flo Exotic Choreography

This class is designed to take you from the pole right down to the floor! Learn a new choreography routine every week with basic pole moves and spins while learning how to master movements on the floor. No prerequisite - all levels welcome. Remember to bring shoes, socks or leg warmers and as always... your sexiest self! Choreography from our very own C-Kay Polerina.


IMG_0002 (1).jpg


Aerial Silks 

An intimate class of no more than 4 students, Aerial Silks is a interesting and fun way to train with a full body workout. Aerial Silks class teaches you how to use and move in two tails of fabric hanging from the ceiling. It is a 60 min class that includes a warmup, aerial workout practicing locks and climbing techniques, development of tricks and positions in the fabric, and stretching. Silks is a unique apparatus to learn and can be great cross training for pole dancers and other athletes. 







Barre Bella 

Barre Bella is based on the fundamentals of ballet technique and is designed to be inclusive for all women, of all ages, especially those with no dance experience. This fitness is gentle on the body and facilitates maximum results to keep you healthy, youthful, and graceful. 

This class will give you long lean muscles, strong core, and the posture of a ballerina. We are focused on isometric movements that keep the muscle in a full contraction to sculpt and mold the body. 

Grippy socks are required. No dance experience needed!





Stretch and Flexibility

Flex and Fluidity is a stretch class that will maximize all of your flexible self. As we age we lose a lot of our flexibility. This stretch class designed to maximize your flexibility to enrich your skills in pole, yoga, and barre, as well keeping your muscles long, and healthy.



Yoga is not currently a part of our weekly schedule but stay in tune for yoga workshops and special classes. Also let us know if you are interested in setting up a private yoga event or class! 

Yoga is an ancient art based on a harmonizing system of development for the mind, body and spirit.

The Sanskrit word yoga literally means “yoke”.  Physical yoga practice links, or yokes together breath and movement, mind and body. With regular practice the body becomes strong & flexible, and the mind becomes calm and clear. Other health benefits include improved functioning of the respiratory, circulatory, digestive and hormonal systems.

Our yoga classes are taught with a sense of playful curiosity, practitioners are gently encouraged to rediscover their true nature, be open to new experiences, and test their physical boundaries.  Come experience the healing nature of yoga with us!